A sickly sweet yet chewy dessert…

Sago pearls with sea coconut

…in the form of sago pearls with sea coconut in palm sugar and coconut cream!

It can be overwhelming sweet so care needs to be taken as to the amount of palm sugar syrup you decide to heap upon this. The coconut cream though gives it a rich and fragrant not to mention creamy texture. It’s a pity that I am never patient enough to let the sago pearls boil until it’s fully cooked (as you can see, mine still have uncooked white centers – a no-no!)…

You can serve this with pretty much anything you wish – I chose sea coconut because melons are not in season at the moment (and neither is honeydew) plus mangoes and other tropical fruits are too expensive in this part of the world…not to mention completely unripe. *sobs*

Still, this dessert is fulfilling…but I’m not about to gorge myself on it every day! 8)

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  1. A nice tip: “les magasins du monde” have nice tropical fruits coming once a week, really good ones. They are not less expensive, but they are fair-trade and normally quite ripe. The shop is not easy to find though. You see where is the Migros in towncenter? When you face it, under the arcades, rightside, there is a small entry. Go there, upstairs, first floor, you’re there!

    But the question is: what are sago pearls??

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