Another spinning WIP!

Seawool in Nectarine from JulieSpins WIP: Nectarine in Superwash Merino/Seacell from JulieSpins

I really shouldn’t start a new spinning project just when I’m about to go away on a short break but hey, the rationalisation is that I’ll be knitting during that short break so why not catch up on my spinning in the mean time? Besides, it’s great for exercising my legs (my wheel is a double treadle so it’s just like doing stagnant stepping movements)!

Anyway, so far, I’m loving how this is turning out…the blend is lovely although not quite as smooth as the superwash merino that I’m used to, but still, the added seacell gives it a nice sheen – better than bamboo actually!

Oh, do wish me and Nil luck – 1) for his interview and 2) for our ultrasound tomorrow!!! Hopefully our little one won’t decide to get all shy on us! 8)

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