WIP: Evening Shade in Merino/Bamboo from FatCatsKnits resting on my handdyed rovings

There is a reason why I need to stay away from the wheel when I need to finish off my knitting projects. Since taking on the wheel again two days ago, I have done nothing else but spin, spin and spin. Of course, I was working towards finishing the merino-bamboo fibre I got from a destash on Ravelry but still, it’s bad if you have an entrelac stole AND a baby blanket to get working on!

Nevertheless, I can console myself in the fact that I’ll definitely bring my knitting (and not my spinning) with me to our trip to Paris next week. Yes, we’ll be heading off to Paris for around four days – Nil has a job interview there and while I balked at the idea of spending so much money just on the train tickets alone (thankgawd we’re staying at his godmother’s place), he insisted that it’s his treat and that I go along with him instead of staying at home alone. So okay, off we’ll be to Paris. We’ll be heading to Versailles for the weekend but otherwise, it’ll pretty much be a free-and-easy short trip.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy doing some dyeing – very little compared to what I was used to months ago – while waiting for stock to arrive. The inventory is more streamlined now, to cope with the possibility of us moving and so forth. Still, it’s not exactly fun sourcing for new suppliers and bases. But hey, it comes with the territory!

Hm, I better get back to my baking – I have plans for either some yummylicious brownies OR Spanish cakes. ^^

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  1. have fun in Paris ( see, I’m jealous too!) its been a long time since I’ve been – take lots of pics!!

    btw, I’ve nominated ur golden froggie for best handspun, luv ur gorgeous yarns

  2. Petrina: Thanks dear!!!! Hopefully I won’t be too popped out from the walking and all (getting sore feet these days… T.T )

    Awwww…I’m flattered! ^^ Am listing up another handspun soonish…just finished plying it. 😛

    How’s your knitting coming along? I noticed you’ve been busy stashing! XD

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