Be still, my heart.

Superwash Merino-Bamboo Sock Yarn in Blood Orange in Wine

I always love looking around my stash after not touching it for some time. In fact, the last time I actively looked through my entire stash was a couple of months back. Now why is this so? Because I never fail to find a little gem hidden away somewhere each time – just like finding sterling silver jewelry among my earrings! This time, I found three! Now how super is that? And just when I have been hankering for some serious sock yarn shopping… The fact that The Knittery – one of my favourite handdyers – had decided to go into temporary retirement didn’t help the situation one bit!

Superwash Sock Yarn II in Watermelon

Anyway, just in case you are wondering, these yarns are my own handdyes from the last time I toyed around with the dyepot in November last year. As fun as it had been dyeing up a storm, I’m not about to risk things and start again even though I have a few solutions leftover from the last dye session. These little babies are basically my shop’s two base yarns – superwash merino sock and superwash merino-bamboo.

Superwash Merino-Bamboo Sock Yarn in Cherry & Bordeaux

Honestly, I can’t wait to get back to dyeing. I miss playing with dyeing up these yarns and I have a few colour combos and techniques that I’d like to experiment with but I doubt we’ll see any action even after the birth. O’well…I guess I’ll just have to go back to fondling these yarns instead; I won’t be keeping all three skeins though. One of them will be off to a friend for some good ole’ fashioned gifting and the rest? Back to the stash pile!


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  1. I like the colour of the yarns – especially the last one. Unfortunately, I’m not the knitting kind of person. Hehe.


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