Chocolate-orangey cheesecake with oat & butter biscuit base

Chilled chocolate & orange peel cheesecake with an oat-butter base

There are so many things wrong with this cheesecake that I just had to desaturate the original photo (something which I don’t do ever!) and NOT put up a recipe. Right now, I can’t say for sure that I would like to repeat this again. A waste of good mascarpone, if you ask me. =.=

While the finished result was chocolatey and very rich, no thanks to the mascarpone and 35% whipped cream, the texture was hardly smooth (my fault for not really smoothing out the mascarpone and for slightly overwhipping the cream before mixing them in together) and it was ickly too sweet for my liking (chocolate’s fault – I used bittersweet cooking chocolate from Coop with about two tablespoons of sugar for the whipped cream). Why o’ why do I have to hunt around for unsweetened cooking chocolate? Maybe being pregnant has killed a massive number of brain cells; so much so that I’m missing something…hmm…

The picture above was taken just after one hour of sitting in the fridge (I know, I know…gelatine takes a while to harden) so perhaps it would get better – texture-wise – if left to sit overnight but still, the original colour leaves much to be desired.

Overall verdict? I think I’m better off using chocolate in my cookies, muffins and cake. As for chilled cheesecake, I prefer them to be fruity rather than rich OR I’ll just stick to my Japanese Soft Cotton Cheesecake. My stomach is still churning round and round from eating just a small 6″ slice of this too-rich cake. Yes, there is such a thing as a cake being TOO rich.

*runs off to work on some life insurance quote*


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