Baby Log Cabin Blanket

Baby Log Cabin Blanket by meiteoh, on Flickr

Since the bootie frenzy (I actually have about three pairs more to finish off which won’t take long, actually), my knitting has taken a slow turn…well, I’m still knitting, just that I’m not exactly knitting ALL the time. There is the cooking, cleaning, baking, and so forth…even writing about things like custom promotional product. I even squeezed in a bit of spinning.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse as to what I’ve been slowly working on alongside my Entrelac stole (which is turning out rather beautifully actually) – Baby Log Cabin Blanket modelled after Mason-Dixon’s Modern Baby Blanket. It’s all about knitting garter stitch non-stop, mind you and thus, it can be quite boring. It’s like writing the same word over and over again despite using different colour inks!

Since I’m off the whole “buying yarn for a project”, I’ve decided to dip into yarns that I probably won’t use for projects that I’ll never get around to. The result so far is a rather soft yet sturdy “fabric” texture, which can stand on its own but I intend to back it with some fabric like fleece to give it some extra warmth. Still, with another four months to go, I really really hope I can finish this before the baby arrives.

So far, I’m done with two colour blocks (out of seven or ten – I’m still deciding) and have just started on the 3rd. I really really hope to keep up the mojo so wish me luck, ya? πŸ™‚

Baby Log Cabin Blanket by meiteoh, on Flickr

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  1. ooh…log cabin blanket!! i’ve always wanted to make one. i’ve even bought yarns for this project but have yet to start πŸ˜›

  2. I agree with the mindless knitting in garter.. but then again, once you finish and see your little cutie using it.. it’ll all be worthwhile!

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