Roast chicken and fluffy pancakes

Fluffy pancakes with a sprinkling of icing sugar

Nil has two favourite dishes for breakfast – pancakes and char siew paus. Sometimes I think it’s funny considering that he doesn’t exactly grew up in a culture that promotes pancakes or paus as a staple breakfast meal. Pancakes are a Northern American dish and while it is known in France, it’s not a common item at the breakfast table.

Because he likes to sleep in on the weekends (who doesn’t?) and I can’t really go past 8:30am every day, weekends are just about the only time that I can take my time to whip up something. Weekdays are out because Nil just likes cereal and yoghurt or juice. To him, anything more requires appreciation, which requires time.

These are quite simple to whip up – all purpose flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, some sugar and salt – and voila, fluffyness! I usually take these with just a small dollop of homemade jam or a tiny sprinkling of sugar (icing or brown) while Nil likes his with a healthy dose of honey. I surmised that they would taste excellent with fresh fruit on the side as well…especially bananas! YUM!

Anyway for dinner, we decided to take out the whole chicken we bought last week and cook up some Hainanese roast chicken based on this booklet I got. The overall result was tender and juicy meat with a crunchy skin (Swiss chicken are not exactly fat so that’s a bonus!) but the marinate was a bit tad too strong for my liking so I might decide to change a few things to the recipe the next time. We had this with some garlic rice and Chinese cabbage soup on the side but somehow I forgot to buy the cucumber…o’well…*shrugs*

Tomorrow the kitchen will see some heavy action in the form of prawn mee which can be quite complicated…not to mention expensive. Luckily we’ll have at least four servings of this and will probably also be able to have leftover raw ingredients like prawns, eggs, bean sprouts, noodles and so forth which can keep for another meal or dish.

So until tomorrow then… 😛

Roast chicken with sweet chilli and garlic rice

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