Crochet booties!

Dual Colour Strapped Booties with buttons Dual Colour Strapped Booties with buttons

Dual Colour Strapped Booties
Pattern | Double Strap Baby Booties by Sylvia Schuchardt
Yarn | Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Rose and Bark
Needles | 3.5 crochet hook

I had actually finished this a few days ago but had placed it aside since the buttons were coming in from Hong Kong. Yes, the selection of buttons at the local store is kind of…uninspiring and well, since most of my “allowance” money is tied up online, I thought I’d buy them off Ebay or something. Turned out to be a very well-made decision considering that I’ll be knitting a few baby clothes, booties and things that need buttons and that these buttons are awfully cute – I have some in the shape of dog bones and red ladybugs!

Anyway, I have another bootie-loafer to finish crochet-ing and this one might be a little fiddly because I’m working with a sport/DK weight yarn instead of worsted (basically thinner than usual) and mixing it with some black Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton yarn. The leftovers will end up going into knitting up newborn to 3 month old booties, Mary Janes and loafers which will either end up in the store or as gifts to friends who are expecting.

In the meantime, I’m feeling quite adventurous and thus, have started work on a baby version of the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket as seen here. Wish me luck!!!! 8)

Oh, here are pics of my other pair with some ladybug buttons! So squishable and tiny-ly cute!!!!

Double Strap Booties with buttons Double Strap Booties with buttons

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  1. Mei, your booties are “boot”tiful! Gorgeous. I would have snapped them up in an instant if I came across them in a store while preggers. They look soft, warm and comfy and even if your little one falls asleep with them on, can just leave them in the crib. Excellent work! All the best with the blankie.

  2. DL/Mer: I just might, actually…. 😉 I just need to get some cotton/linen yarn of the right weight to knit some extra pairs. Have too many other types of yarn. XD

  3. zreen: Hi! Thanks for the interest! I’m actually doing up a few pairs at the moment and can only say for sure once I’m done. Will definitely keep you posted! 🙂

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