What’s on the menu?

I feel a food craving coming up again…

I’ve been hankering for some pork trotters in the form of bak kut teh or black vinegar and ginger pork trotters; both of which can be managed rather well.

But then, I just want to eat something…Malaysian.

So I’m wondering – which should it be: curry laksa or prawn mee?

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  1. I had prawn noodle last weekend after a long absence…..highly recommended that you make it!! Saying that, I am biased as I don’t like curry mee. But now that you’ve got me thinking of prawn noodle again….hmmm….taugeh…kangkung…

    I may have to make it this weekend now..:)

  2. aiyoh…prawn mee lah! But the fried tofu in the curry laksa has my name on it too. But prawn mee…its so so good especially with the taugeh and the prawns and especially if you make the sambal that goes with it. Delish!

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