Of a bootie and diamonds…

Dual Colour Strapped Booties in the making

Can’t you tell that I’m on a bootie-making (please ignore how weird that may sound) frenzy???? I love how this yarn is turning out with this project – like I said earlier, much better than Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton. Hm, maybe I can try out some worsted weight acrylic. At least I get to have a wider colour variety other than just olive green, dark brown, rose pink and *gasp* black!

In the meantime, I’m quite happy with how my entrelac wrap is turning out. The other three skeins of yarn arrived several days ago so I’m now starting on the first ball of the second colour (there are only two colour variations in this wrap). It’s a bit tad redder than what I had originally expected but it’s growing on me. I supposed I’ll just have to wait till I finish a more substantial amount before coming to a final verdict. In the meantime, Orlando vacations call…or writing about it at least. XD

Red Diamonds Entrelac Stole

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  1. Lets try this once again. Between the net and my own mistakes, I am getting a little frustrated.

    Those are really cute baby booties. They kinda look like a little cupcake with pink icing! So cute. The colors on the wrap look really good together so far. I always love the weaving texture for entrelac and I think your finished wrap will be very elegant.

  2. Marie: Thanks for the compliments! I must remember to check and see if there is a little note on top of the comments stating that I have to approve comments first before they actually show up on the page. XD

    The booties actually remind me of ballet slippers! XD

  3. Oh the crochet version is nice!
    Initially I wanted to do crochet too but after trying on my oen for almost whole day and still not able to get what I want, so I give up 🙁

  4. Michelle: Me too…even though I’m not really a great big fan of bright reds and all…but still, it’s very cheery! 🙂

  5. Regg: I had some problems in the beginning as well simply because I’m a little rusty with crochet-ing. I actually prefer this version over the knitted ones because the knitted items are smaller and well, other than socks, I hate dealing with fiddly small items. 🙂

    Hey, I’ve got an idea! Maybe we can do a swap involving booties and I dunno what else – yarn (if you like)! What do you think? XD

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