Double Strap Booties (Crochet)

Double Strap Booties (minus the buttons)

Double Strap Booties
Pattern | Double Strap Baby Booties by Sylvia Schuchardt
Yarn | Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton in Olive Green
Needles | 3.5 crochet hook

I must admit that prior to starting this project, my crochet skills were absolutely…well, I was rusty at it. So I had some problems reading the instructions, fumbled a little with crocheting into loops and back loops. On top of that, I misread the instructions at one point, resulting in at least two extra ends to weave in. In the end, I ended up with a really awkward looking bootie.

My second one was must better – at least I got the straps right in the middle and didn’t have to frog that much. By the time I finished the top part and the straps, it was safe to say that I got the pattern down to pat. It’s not really all that bad for someone as rusty at crochet as I was/am.

I would, however, work this with another yarn instead of this Debbie Bliss yarn even though the bootie turned out alright. It frays easily and has little to no structure of its own. Trouble is that I can’t seem to find much worsted weight cotton or linen here. Am currently working with some Rowan All Seasons Cotton and that seems to be much better for this sort of work! Still, any other suggestions from you knitters?

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