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Orange-Vanilla Cotton Soft Cheesecake

Today is Chap Goh Meh – the last day of the Chinese New Year. Usually back at home, we’ll have another eat-out with great Malaysian food but this time, I have to be contended with just some leftover asam laksa broth, beehoon and fishball with some very yummylicious orange-vanilla cotton soft cheesecake (see pics).

Orange-Vanilla Cotton Soft Cheesecake: The spongey sides

The cotton soft cheesecake this time turned out way better than before, after making several adjustments here and there. It’s drier, orangey because I added in rind and well, still very spongey and cottony soft! I had a slice for tea and well, another one for dessert and Nil had one too as an appetizer. Yes, there is always something wonderful about having a freshly baked cake on the table…

Orange-Vanilla Cotton Soft Cheesecake: A slice of soft goodness!

After the eat-out, we would end the day with some merrymaking and hanging out with family but this year, since everyone is scattered – my parents are on vacation in Vietnam, bro has just returned from a hike in Nepal and here I am in Switzerland – I am spending my time (day and night) with Serenity, the spinning wheel AND an entire season of House. I must make a point, however, to keep up my knitting mojo! I hate to go back on a slump! But for today, happy Chap Goh Meh, folks…or whatever that’s left of it!!!

Aster in Falkland from Shunklies

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  1. Hi Mabel

    Came here fr the facebook group I Miss Msian Food. 😉 Was just about to ask you for the cheesecake recipe and then I saw your reply. Going now. Thanks. 🙂

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