Steamed glutinous rice

Steamed glutinous rice

A little on the wet side, slightly salty but still quite delish! 🙂

Now this is nothing like loh mai kai since I made about two cups of glutinous rice and added stuff like turkey and what-not…all without using a mould. I had some very mild craving for something steamed and sticky so ended up stocking up on some glutinous rice.

I don’t have much experience with this type of rice so you could say that this was a first for me. Mum has more cooking experiences with this but since she’s away on a vacation (as always! LOL!), I had to wing it. Next time, I’ll probably soak the rice for far longer, dry fry it with the seasoning instead of adding water to the seasoning and then tossing it in the rice while it’s still in the frying process. And oh, less salt too…I hate the dark soya sauce I have here. It’s not sweet but salty. UGH!

Tomorrow’s menu? Asam laksa from scratch (including the noodles) and some more Japanese cotton soft cheesecake!


By the by, anyone looking for “Dallas Texas hotels”?

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  1. wah… looks very yummy a! thanks for giving me the tips of baking an apple pie. Also, I want to shout out this to you… You dye very very pretty yarn!!! They are simply yummy and beautiful. I really really suka! I hope I can learn how to dye yarn this year! =)

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