New WIPs!

I got my knitting mojo back…and no, I’m not working on old WIPs but new ones! HAHAHAHA! What did you expect? 8)

Some entrelac goodness in the form of a modified stole based on pics of the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

Pink Diamonds Entrelac Stole

…and some of My So-Called Scarf goodness in my own handdyed yarn!

My So Called Scarf in "Grapes, Cherry and Wine"

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  1. Michelle: Thanks dear! It’s actually a commercial yarn that I overdyed coz I had three skeins in the same colour, used one and well, didn’t know what to do with the rest.

    I’m using Patons SWS for the entrelac. It’s a wool-soya blend. I’d love to try Noro Silk Garden but it’s too expensive here and I’m on a cheapo budget plus I already have three balls of this in my stash.

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