Junior’s Lilac Vest

Junior's Lilac Vest

Junior’s Lilac Vest
Pattern | Baby Yoda Sweater by Cari Luna
Yarn | Coop Maxima in 1519
Needles | 4mm circulars

My first FO project is a lazy one, honestly. I had initially started this with good intentions of knitting a real sweater but over time, it just wasn’t doing enough for my knitting mojo and by the time I got to the sleeves, I was out of steam and I mean really out of steam.

So I decided to frog the sleeves, forgo like four balls of Coop Maxima still in my stash, and just turn this into a vest. As you can see, I even delayed on putting in the buttons; my excuse is that I’m looking for the right buttons…that’s if I can bring myself to actually go looking for them in town. It’s sad, I know.

Still, Nil and I think this is a pretty cute outfit – I’m making it really flexible…in other words, I’ll be adding about four buttons and the side seams can be removed easily, turning them into poncho-like structures which can then be closed by using simply braided “ropes”. Even without these modifications, this vest can be worn from 0 to 6 months making it really lasting.

In the meantime, it’s off to work on some other WIPs. Yes, I finally got back my knitting mojo!!!!!!!!!!! My spinning has taken a backseat but it’s ok….those woolies can wait a while. 8)

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