The results of pre-CNY prep – Part I

The fruits of yesterday’s labour!

I’m taking a break today because there is the laundry and well, I need to recover from yesterday’s cleaning and cooking. My legs hurt and well, doing all those things when you’re pregnant…is…well, not as easy as it is when you’re NOT pregnant. Gack.

Tomorrow – pineapple tarts, more cleaning (for Nil at least) and chocolate chip-almond cookies! In the meantime, there is some dry squid sambal with prawn fried rice and some pics chronicling the process of cooking up some homemade pineapple jam!

Dry squid sambal with prawn fried rice The start of some homemade pineapple jam About 1.5 hours in cooking pineapple jam The finished product - sweet golden brown pineapple jam

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