It’s that time of the year again…

…when we get ready to say tata to the Year of the Rat (this time, that is) and hello to the ultra bulky, hardworking Ox!

Yes, even though I am living abroad and this is my first Chinese New Year in a town that has no Chinatown much or less care about the cultural practices of non-Swiss, I’m determined to celebrate it – on a less “festive” degree that what folks back at home are used to.

What is there to do, you ask? Well, there is the baking (pineapple tarts and almond/nut cookies (with and without chocolate chip)); cooking (sambal sotong – for the days after CNY – and maybe sambal prawns with fried beehoon, a soup and ice cream for dessert (must probably) plus make sure the rice cooker is full of rice); and spring cleaning (need I describe this?)! The cooking will take place tomorrow even though Nil is having his usual card buddies over for dinner and I’m in charge of dishing out some fried rice. I’m not going to care and cook my sambal sotong, pineapple jam AND fried rice – let them die in the smell!!!! *inserts evil laugh*

Oh, and yes, a call back home – super must!!!!!! Hopefully I’ll have some delish pics to share over the next few days!

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