Lighting your home

When you first rent or buy a unit be it a house or apartment here in Switzerland, you have to take note that lighting is never part of the deal. Yes, it comes completely bare – no bulbs, no fixtures and so forth. When you leave the place, you take all the fixtures with you, unless the next tenant wished to buy over the items.

It was no different for us. We bought over some track lightings from the previous tenant, similar to the ones you see here on ShopWiki’s site. Unlike traditional shopping sites which feature only stores that have paid to be part of the inventory, ShopWiki provides the shopper with over 200,000 stores that carry a certain product, for example, indoor light fixtures.

There are guides available to help you make better purchase options, such as FAQs and even product reviews. There are also video reviews made by shoppers featuring the details, reviews – good or bad – and other necessary information needed by other shoppers to make a good purchase decision.

One of the products available, Progress Lighting (the ones I have in the apartment) features at least 12 different stores with different specs, (naturally) different prices and information. They can both be used as feature or accent lighting and are fully adjustable. And mind you, looking at the info on the page, it has been enlightening!

So if you have been a fan of Wiki, trust me, you’ll be a fan of ShopWiki! 8)

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