A prayer for us please.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the global economic downturn has affect us as well. Sometimes it irks me when close-minded people think that those of us living abroad are sitting on a perpetually working and self-sustaining gold mine. We aren’t and are just as vulnerable as the next Malaysian you sit next to on the LRT while you’re on your way to work.

Nil got retrenched yesterday because of the downturn. His company has not been doing well and they have a notorious history when it comes to retrenching people. Six people lost their jobs yesterday, and my husband was one of them.

We are taking the news as best as we can. A few saving graces like our thifty nature since the start of our marriage, lack of commitments & bills, savings in both France and Switzerland, plus retrenchment benefits have made the news easier to bear. Couple this with my part-time job and shop…well, we have enough to tide us in for now.

All we ask is for a prayer that things will work out alright soon. We’re doing it but like they say, strength in numbers.

In the meantime, know that we’re doing just fine…as fine as can be.

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