When life throws you lemons…

…make lemonade. Or whatever else you fancy!

Basically, you learn to make the best out of the bitter, sour and crappy turns that happens in life. And we’ve just hit a major one. What timing too…with a baby along the way and me being unable to find a job over the next few months. Honestly, do you know anyone who wouldn’t mind hiring a pregnant woman who will go on maternity leave soon?

But I’m optimistic – oddly. Maybe it’s because I keep telling myself that two heads are better than one and it’s not as if either one of us is lacking in one way or another. Plus we have few bills and a healthy bank account.

Yes, this is very me (at least it’s better than thinking about exercise equipment and how to go about them on this blog).

So yes, I like to think that we’ll do just fine…


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