Walking on three metres of snow…

Making a snow angel Nice view no? Starting our hike in the snow

…when you’re in your 9th to 10th week of pregnancy!

These were taken at my father-in-law’s place at Molines en Queyras where the Le Tour de France went by last year. It is along the French Alps and is popular amongst skiers plus hikers during winter and hikers during summer when the weather is beautiful with plenty of sunshine and lots to see and take in, like wild deer and marmots!

The only problem with this is that it’s very dry – I had some nosebleeds – and cold but with the right clothing, you’ll do just fine. All I had on was a turtleneck, a polar pullover and a winter jacket (windbreaker + polar inside) and ski pants topped off with hiking shoes. The sunglasses are necessary because snow reflects A LOT of light and can be painful plus a beanie and gloves will do your head and fingers a world of good. But really, after 10 minutes of walking, you’ll start to feel hot, hot and hot!!!!

Trust me, it may look dangerous but it was actually very very safe and fun, even. I fell on my bum a few times but it was landing on a huge pillow of feathers! Have a look and gauge for yourself! 🙂

Right now, I’m off to take a look-see at some corsets!

...Easy does it! Look Ma, fluffy powdery snow! Next to Nil's dad's cabin at Molines en Queyras

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