Morrocan lamps and decor…

Recently, my sister-in-law gifted us with a very simple yet lovely lamp suitable for our buffet top. Nothing outstanding unlike Moroccan lamps but it’s just nice for a simple buffet in a simple apartment for a couple expecting a baby.

I must admit that I didn’t know much about these Moroccan lamps until I got this assignment and boy, are they awesomely beautiful! Apparently, these lamps are made from “sheep or goat skin that is stretched around different shapes of handmade Moroccan wrought iron frames” before being dyeing and drawn by henna artists with a needle. The motifs are often different and intricate andcan take hours to complete – this includes the drying process. Typical colours include red, yellow, orange or blue – a reminder of Arabian nights, if you will.

Now, if I had a really free rein and budget to toy around with the deco of this apartment, this would be it for me in terms of lighting!!!! 8)

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