A better nasi lemak post…

…because it has pictures!

Nasi lemak with tamarind squid

This is a rather incomplete picture – cucumbers and the kangkung belacan are missing – as Nil and I decided to taste test the first batch, mainly the rice and the sambal, just before dinner got underway.

I based my recipe loosely on Rasa Malaysia’s entry here simply because my mother-in-law didn’t have the right tamarind – she had sweet tamarind instead of the regular sour tamarind – and the shrimp paste was more Thai/Vietnamese than the regular Malaysian belacan. Note to those in Europe or places where they don’t stock Malaysian belacan or shrimp paste. The Thai/Vietnamese version can only be used in dishes whereby the spice paste is cooked so using it for the simple Nyonya sambal belacan is definitely a no-no! Why I say this is because the taste and smell of the shrimp paste in its raw form is absolutely yucky! Nearly like downing bleach!

I opted out on the eggs as my mother-in-law wanted something light for dinner and with the sweet tamarind squid plus garnishings, it was already quite heavy. Now screwpine or pandan leaves are a luxury item for me as the local Chinese store in Neuchâtel doesn’t stock them. I have read somewhere in Amy Beh cookbooks that vanilla flavouring can be used as a good substitute so maybe I’ll give it a go the next time I cook this dish up.

Nasi lemak with tamarind squid

So what’s next? Well, a catch up on blogging, for one…and those assignments again – I got sd memory cards this time!

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