Nasi lemak

Seriously, I have a very scrumptious yet simple picture of a national delight…the ever humble nasi lemak made the European way. That probably means that the shallots are twice the regular size, the belacan is actually a Viet version which is AWFUL when it’s uncooked and coconut milk comes from a can and not the local market.

But first, I ought to tell you why I decided to suddenly make nasi lemak when I’m far away from Neuchatel and having to deal with an unfamiliar mother-in-law’s kitchen (I must admit that she’s awesome for allowing Nil and I to meddle around in her kitchen!). Even though my food poisoning bout knocked me off the craving mood for a day, it came back even stronger yesterday and it was then that I had enough…I simply have to make this dish or suffer the constant thought of nasi lemak floating away in my head day and night. Nil was only too happy to obliged and we spent two hours in the kitchen peeling away spices, preparing the rice, and so forth before finally settling down for a smallish bowl of nasi lemak with some sambal ikan bilis and sweet tamarind calamar.

It was heaven for me…truly (even made me forget about assignments like this – auto insurance quote). Now…for the real course – nasi lemak for DINNER!


ps: Recipe will come soon upon my return to Neuchatel and a non-French keyboard!

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  1. now you’re making me crave for nasi lemak too!!!! coconut milk comes in cans over here as well. they don’t smell as nice hey? i still remember back in KL, we’d go to the local kedai runcit, to buy the dried coconuts!! hehehe. love the way they break the coconut and scrap the meat out!!

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