How to usher in the New Year…

…my style, that is.

Spend about three to four hours driving from the Alps (and sunny skies) back to the city with its crappy gloomy winter weather, AND then proceed to spend the night staying up because you caught a bad case of food poisoning.

Seriously, I spent my New Year’s eve dinner downing some carrot and peanut porridge which Nil had to cook because I was too tired to leave the bed or toilet, and stirring Smecta into a glass of water while everyone else had scallop salad topped off with a healthy round of raclette (cheese, ham, potatoes, sausage and pickles).

I had planned to churn out some good old fashioned nasi lemak with some tumeric squid, rendang and kangkung belacan topped off with tiramisu for today but the food poisoning completely whipped me out on New Year’s Eve. Now I am wondering if I could do it before I leave my in-laws’ place…yes, despite the food poisoning, I am still hankering for some Malaysian yummies!

So yeah, what a way to usher in the new year…that and assignments like this one – term life insurance quote

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