The start of baby stuff…

…at least for the weaving side of things.

I finally managed to finish weaving this scarf that I’ve had on for a while now and am glad to see it done, actually. Sometimes I think I have too many hobbies to be able to really concentrate on one but I also like to think that if given the time and effort, I can actually balance the spinning, knitting and weaving.

Since we’ll be going to Lyon for the annual Christmas get-together, Nil has suggested that I take my loom with me – just to keep me busy and all. I’m hoping to bring the loom, and some of my long overdue knitting projects (remember Ivy?) (well, just so you know, I have three pairs of socks plus Ivy and a baby wrap to finish…gah!). I don’t think I’ll start any new ones until I finish them all…or at least the ones that have been lying around for quite some time. Yes, I am going to put a stop to what knitters “affectionately” call startitis. 8)

We’ll be spending the weekend preparing for the trip – this includes shopping for some comfortable maternity wear (I’m seriously running out of pants that don’t wrap tightly around the belly and decent sweaters) and of course, food for the gerbils. They’ll be on their own for two weeks so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t miss us too much.

In the meantime, here’s an alternative for those looking for Amazon books. 🙂

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