Green Tea, anyone?

With Merri Merric off The Serenity Wheel and Golden Froggy busy stretching out on the Niddy, I thought I’d start on some delicious merino-tencel I purchased from a Ravelry destash a few months ago. It has been sitting in the cupboard for quite some time and of lately, I’m attracted by soft hues – nothing too dark; gentle and natural does it for me these days.

Even though I’ve tried spinning fiber on a 10:1 ratio, I’m somehow still more comfortable with the idea of working on a smaller ratio, so this is on a 5.5:1 instead. Maybe it’s my overall set up or it’s just the tension but somehow, 10:1 ratio is a little too…grabby for me and I can’t seem to keep up with the drafting and tension. Hm…I ought to learn how to draft faster, if that’s the case.

Merino-Tencel in Green Tea from Pigeonroof Studios Spinning up some Green Tea

Now, I can’t decide if I want to keep this as a 2-ply or turn it into something fancier like coils. I’ll probably just spin it up and then see how it goes. Merino-tencel is awfully useful for knitting garments that require some form of durability so turning them into coils is kinda of a waste because it’ll probably end up being yarn that is suitable for scarves or hats.

Anyway, don’t you think the colour reminds you awfully of tea and specifically green tea? I can’t believe I was actually lucky enough to grab this when the person first put it up for sale. Amazing really. But more about it when I do get around to finishing this. Right now, I’m off to grab some lunch and muse about the snow outside, plus talking watches.

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