Merri Merric (Skein I)

Merri Merric Skein I

Merri Merric (Skein I)
Ply | 3 ply
Yardage | 140.2 meters / 46 gms
WPI | 22 – 24 (Fingering to Light Fingering)
Fibre | Merino-Soy-Bamboo roving from EGMTK
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

Silky smooth is how I would describe this fiber. It is one of Mandie’s special paddock blends – she gets a mill to custom blend all the mixes at her store and a chance visit to her shop one day a few months ago, prompted me to make a couple of purchases and one of which included this very yummy fiber of 50/25/25 merino/bamboo/soy.

Now I don’t know how she does it but the resulting spun yarn from this skein has a gorgeous silk-like sheen to it and is quite tough. It is a little coarse to the touch but I suspect that’s from me overspinning the singles. Still, overall, it makes for a very lovely soft skein.

I was tempted to turn this into a two ply laceweight but seeing how gorgeous the individual colours turned out, I decided to navajo-ply it to maintain the colour sequence and therefore, ended up with enough for a smallish project of some sorts. I reckon this will go perfectly well for a lovely cabled beret. The second skein is hanging up to dry after spending a few days on the Niddy so we should have a total yardage count soon enough.

In the meantime, I’m off to get some much needed rest (all this nausea is making me…sick (heh)) and continue on with my spinning. I’m thinking of working on some merino-tencel I got from a Ravelry destash before Nil and I cash in on some self-made travel deals in the form of a car rental and two weeks off in France. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the travelling – it’s the nausea. Just thinking of travelling makes me green. 🙁

Merri Merric Skein I

Merri Merric Skein I

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