Utopia Hat

A modified Utopia Hat

Utopia Hat
Pattern | Utopia Hat by Smariek
Yarn | Handpaintedyarn.com Colonial in Carmenere
Needles | 5mm circulars

With winter fast approaching and having little to zero decent beanies to call my own – I could pinch HB’s but he has been stashing his in his coat pocket which he wears to work every day – I decided to quickly knit up one for use soon. This is supposed to match some fingerless gloves that I’ve been working on for like…ever and there wasn’t enough for a beret so a beanie it was.

As for my fingerless gloves, they are still in the making – somehow I’m awfully slow with any project that comes in twos.

The yarn is a single spun aran weight yarn from Handpaintedyarn.com and is suitable for felting. Pretty easy to knit if you ask me. Despite being a single ply, it has a good stretch quality and turned out rather well for this project. I made some modifications since I don’t want anything overly long. I don’t exactly have a big head so I did two cables for each of the upper and lower patterns and shortened the rest by a few lines. It turned out to be just perfect. Any more and I would end up with a cone shaped beanie.

Overall, I’m happy with this project. It’s good to get back into the knitting game again. Now if only I can speed it up a little while working on other stuff like this gift card thingie, my spinning, classes and work… 8)

Me & my beanie

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