Bonnes vacances, tout le monde!!!!

Yes, the annual family gathering will be under way tomorrow…together with a long overdue shopping trip at IKEA plus some research for items for Junior.

The lappie will be with me together with my loom and a couple of knitting projects plus my external harddisk. So hopefully I’ll see you again just before the New Year…


In the meantime, happy holidays, people!

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Stretchy snooze…

One thing great about having gerbils is that they take small naps throughout the day and aren’t at all grumpy at being woken up. Since the weather has gone considerably colder than when I first got them (during summer), they have started sleeping curled up in tiny balls of fluff…

Snoozing on the wheel...

BUT of lately, due to the overall warmth of the apartment (heating has gone up since it’s just a few days shy of winter), the gerbils have taken to stretching out on their bedding just to snooze with ease (sometimes they even sleep belly-up but sorry, no pics of that!)…here’s a look at what I mean.

Snoozing & stretched out... Snoozing on some hay...

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The start of baby stuff…

…at least for the weaving side of things.

I finally managed to finish weaving this scarf that I’ve had on for a while now and am glad to see it done, actually. Sometimes I think I have too many hobbies to be able to really concentrate on one but I also like to think that if given the time and effort, I can actually balance the spinning, knitting and weaving.

Since we’ll be going to Lyon for the annual Christmas get-together, Nil has suggested that I take my loom with me – just to keep me busy and all. I’m hoping to bring the loom, and some of my long overdue knitting projects (remember Ivy?) (well, just so you know, I have three pairs of socks plus Ivy and a baby wrap to finish…gah!). I don’t think I’ll start any new ones until I finish them all…or at least the ones that have been lying around for quite some time. Yes, I am going to put a stop to what knitters “affectionately” call startitis. 8)

We’ll be spending the weekend preparing for the trip – this includes shopping for some comfortable maternity wear (I’m seriously running out of pants that don’t wrap tightly around the belly and decent sweaters) and of course, food for the gerbils. They’ll be on their own for two weeks so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t miss us too much.

In the meantime, here’s an alternative for those looking for Amazon books. 🙂

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Green Tea, anyone?

With Merri Merric off The Serenity Wheel and Golden Froggy busy stretching out on the Niddy, I thought I’d start on some delicious merino-tencel I purchased from a Ravelry destash a few months ago. It has been sitting in the cupboard for quite some time and of lately, I’m attracted by soft hues – nothing too dark; gentle and natural does it for me these days.

Even though I’ve tried spinning fiber on a 10:1 ratio, I’m somehow still more comfortable with the idea of working on a smaller ratio, so this is on a 5.5:1 instead. Maybe it’s my overall set up or it’s just the tension but somehow, 10:1 ratio is a little too…grabby for me and I can’t seem to keep up with the drafting and tension. Hm…I ought to learn how to draft faster, if that’s the case.

Merino-Tencel in Green Tea from Pigeonroof Studios Spinning up some Green Tea

Now, I can’t decide if I want to keep this as a 2-ply or turn it into something fancier like coils. I’ll probably just spin it up and then see how it goes. Merino-tencel is awfully useful for knitting garments that require some form of durability so turning them into coils is kinda of a waste because it’ll probably end up being yarn that is suitable for scarves or hats.

Anyway, don’t you think the colour reminds you awfully of tea and specifically green tea? I can’t believe I was actually lucky enough to grab this when the person first put it up for sale. Amazing really. But more about it when I do get around to finishing this. Right now, I’m off to grab some lunch and muse about the snow outside, plus talking watches.

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Fiber Stash Part Deux

Seawool from Creatively Dyed Seawool in Nectarine from JulieSpins Merino-Silk in Surprise Me from JulieSpins Seawool from Dyeing4Colour

Despite the snow, I thought it best to whip up the camera and snap some pictures anyway. The keyword, if you will ignore the mention of snow, is SOME.

Yes, my fiber stash is overflowing and right now, it’s for a good reason. But rest assured that unlike my knitting, I spin up stuff relatively quickly. 🙂

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Merri Merric (Skein I)

Merri Merric Skein I

Merri Merric (Skein I)
Ply | 3 ply
Yardage | 140.2 meters / 46 gms
WPI | 22 – 24 (Fingering to Light Fingering)
Fibre | Merino-Soy-Bamboo roving from EGMTK
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

Silky smooth is how I would describe this fiber. It is one of Mandie’s special paddock blends – she gets a mill to custom blend all the mixes at her store and a chance visit to her shop one day a few months ago, prompted me to make a couple of purchases and one of which included this very yummy fiber of 50/25/25 merino/bamboo/soy.

Now I don’t know how she does it but the resulting spun yarn from this skein has a gorgeous silk-like sheen to it and is quite tough. It is a little coarse to the touch but I suspect that’s from me overspinning the singles. Still, overall, it makes for a very lovely soft skein.

I was tempted to turn this into a two ply laceweight but seeing how gorgeous the individual colours turned out, I decided to navajo-ply it to maintain the colour sequence and therefore, ended up with enough for a smallish project of some sorts. I reckon this will go perfectly well for a lovely cabled beret. The second skein is hanging up to dry after spending a few days on the Niddy so we should have a total yardage count soon enough.

In the meantime, I’m off to get some much needed rest (all this nausea is making me…sick (heh)) and continue on with my spinning. I’m thinking of working on some merino-tencel I got from a Ravelry destash before Nil and I cash in on some self-made travel deals in the form of a car rental and two weeks off in France. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the travelling – it’s the nausea. Just thinking of travelling makes me green. 🙁

Merri Merric Skein I

Merri Merric Skein I

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Four more days and it’ll be the middle of December.

Give or take another week and it’ll be, officially, the start of winter.

Christmas will be in two weeks and in less than twenty days, it’ll be the New Year.

And it’ll less than a month to our first prenatal visit.


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Utopia Hat

A modified Utopia Hat

Utopia Hat
Pattern | Utopia Hat by Smariek
Yarn | Colonial in Carmenere
Needles | 5mm circulars

With winter fast approaching and having little to zero decent beanies to call my own – I could pinch HB’s but he has been stashing his in his coat pocket which he wears to work every day – I decided to quickly knit up one for use soon. This is supposed to match some fingerless gloves that I’ve been working on for like…ever and there wasn’t enough for a beret so a beanie it was.

As for my fingerless gloves, they are still in the making – somehow I’m awfully slow with any project that comes in twos.

The yarn is a single spun aran weight yarn from and is suitable for felting. Pretty easy to knit if you ask me. Despite being a single ply, it has a good stretch quality and turned out rather well for this project. I made some modifications since I don’t want anything overly long. I don’t exactly have a big head so I did two cables for each of the upper and lower patterns and shortened the rest by a few lines. It turned out to be just perfect. Any more and I would end up with a cone shaped beanie.

Overall, I’m happy with this project. It’s good to get back into the knitting game again. Now if only I can speed it up a little while working on other stuff like this gift card thingie, my spinning, classes and work… 8)

Me & my beanie

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