Apologies ahead!

I must apologize for the quiet days ahead on this blog…

With the spinning, dyeing and weaving for the shop coupled with French classes as well as part-time work not to mention overall care of the house AND the short autumn-soon-to-be-winter days (and include work on some leaky bathroom faucets – well, actually, that’s Nil’s job), I’ve been too tired out to talk about anything much or less blog.

In fact, all I can think about right now is sleep and not that photobook project which I have to rush off and finish – no thanks to a 31 December expiry date and an outdated software which resulted in me having to redesign everything.

It’ll be quiet over the next few days…I hope it won’t be for long.

But I know like with every coming silence, it’ll come to an end quickly enough. Just hang on in there, ya?

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