The first snowfall of the year…

The view I woke up to on 22.11.2008
Click on the pic for a bigger view!

Nil and I woke up to what is the first snowfall for the year 2008…and later on, it became the first snowy morning of the season, the sign of many to come over the next few weeks. You see, it went from this…

The first snowfall of the year

To this…

The first snowfall of the year

Yes, the flurries have arrived!!!!

And it’ll continue on over the weekend until Monday morning. I guess it’s time to break out the jackets, hiking boots and winter wear officially. A weekend walk in the evening told me that I might just need a hat should it get breezy which it has over the past few hours…I could always knit up one but I already have too many WIPs in progress and no FOs to show for. Awful…just awful. =.=

Getting assignments like this one “alli” sure doesn’t help with the Startitis problem (starting too many knitting projects and not ending them!)

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