Superwash Merino in Orchid

Superwash Merino in Orchid - 5 oz Handspun Superwash Merino in Orchid

Ply | 3 ply
Yardage | Approx 230 m/150 gms
WPI | 18 (Fingering)
Fibre | Superwash Merino in Orchid
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

Seriously, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but the base for this colourway is simple amazing! Smooth and silky with a slight sheen, it beats the previous merino which I first dyed as an experiment. That base was more for felting but this one? Ohmy, ultra soft and great for next to skin items!

Because I have too much yarn in my stash, I’ve decided to let this one go on sale at the shop. It’s one of a kind like my other colourways, and I’d most probably churn out some handspun yarn for sale on a regular basis with my own handdyed fibers or those from my stash.

Going back to the process, I’m in love with Navajo plying. Sure, it’s different from the conventional 3-ply but for maintaining colours spun, it does its job well. The first time was a bit iffy, trying to coordinate both hands was not easy but after a while, it’s quite alright. The only complaint I have with plying (overall) is that once you start, you can’t exactly stop. It’s fine if you don’t have much on your bobbin but in my case, I was at least a good 200 over metres on each bobbin. Talk about being glued to the chair!!!!

Still, spinning with a wheel definitely has its perks. 🙂

And oh, just a quick question: what’s fascinating about Playstation 3?

Handspun Superwash Merino in Orchid Handspun Superwash Merino in Orchid

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