With autumn now underway…

It’s getting cold and the brown, red signature colours of autumn are fast fading as we head into winter. Everywhere I go, there are signs of the coming festivities – poinsettias, Christmas decorations, Christmas cookies, Christmas chocolates…

Here, Christmas is perhaps the equivalent of Chinese New Year for Chinese people like myself – it is more than just exchanging gifts, but instead is a time for family gatherings and merriment amongst family members. It make me misses home sometimes…especially when here I am dying to put up decorations but because of space constraints (I have turned the living hall into an atelier of some sorts) and naturally, money plus the fact that we won’t be around, Christmas will probably be a quiet, non-decorative affair for us. Well, honestly, I’m more worried about arrangements for the gerbils. I think Nil’s colleague will drop by once in a while to make sure that their water bottle is full and that they are fed.

Believe it or not, I’m still in the summer mood, dressed in my T-shirt and shorts. The heating is not really turned out, so to speak, in our home – the walls are hot enough for the piping – but I get a shocking reminder every time I step out to the post office or just to run some errands. I guess it is time to break out all the wool that has been sleeping away in the cupboard for the past few months.

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on some good old Tales from the Cryptkeeper (just finished downloading Seasons 3 and 4), spinning up some Merri Meric for a swap and yes, more assignments…Hydroxycut, bleh.

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