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Summer into Autumn Summer into Autumn Summer into Autumn

Summer into Autumn
Ply | Single
Yardage | Approx 224 m/100 gms
WPI | 12
Fibre | My own handdyed merino roving
Tool | Spinning wheel [5:1 ratio]

I read somewhere that once you start spinning up fine singles, it can be hard to churn out bulky weight singles; on the spindle, this theory has been proven to be true. I can’t, to save my life, spin bulky singles on a spindle (perhaps it is the weight but even with my heaviest spindle, it ends up being laceweight and such). So needless to say, when the wheel arrived, I pulled out my first handdyed roving and decided to get some bulky action going on.

Of course, at first it was crazy trying to figure out how to get the fibre into the orifice and some action going but after googling and watching some videos on the Net, things started going smoothly…

A night later and after 24 hours of skeining, washing and drying action going on, the Summer into Autumn yarn is finally ready. It is safe to say that this yarn is considerably thicker than the others I have spun up with a spindle and it is still overtwisted – something which I’ll need to work on. But otherwise, it is a nice combination of even and thick-thin in some parts and suitably thick as well as long enough for a hat.

The colours were a surprise – I hadn’t anticipated the colour change and intensity – but still, it’s a good yarn.

Now while this was drying, I started working on one of my recent handdyed superwash merino. I know I started one on the spindle but I didn’t want to work half on a spindle and half on a wheel so I pulled out another colourway instead. As so far, it’s turning out beautifully. So beautifully that if it goes well, I might just use this for a handwoven scarf but we’ll see…

Superwash Merino in Orchid - 5 oz Superwash Merino in Orchid

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  1. I was guessing you’re getting a spinning wheel. 😀 Congratulations! That pink roving is looking absolutely divine!

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