It finally came!

After three weeks of waiting (and technical errors with the supplier), my biggest birthday present – big enough to rival what I got from Nil – arrived!!!!

It’s an Ashford Traveller Single Drive and completely assembled already with four bobbins and an integrated lazy kate. I had to pull out my spinning reference book to check on a couple of things but otherwise, it’s all good to go for some practice session and in time, some good old-fashioned wheel spun yarn! A great addition for the store really…

The real people to thank for this awesome gift are my parents, actually. They sent over some money and I used a portion of it on this wheel. This baby is not huge at all…in fact, it’s about 45 cm wide and less than 20 cm deep. So, Mum & Dad, thanks heaps!!!!

I’ll have a contest soon for picking a name for this little baby. I just need to think of a prize (probably one of my handdyed yarns or rovings)! What do you guys think? Should I have a contest or not?

It finally arrived!!!! Oooo, heaps of squishies... My Ashford Traveller Single Drive... The lacquered wheel It's not very bulky The Ashford signature logo... Spycher getting some publicity on my wheel The four other bobbies & integrated Lazy Kate The flyer and a lousy shot of the Ashford logo

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  1. i know you said its not huge, but it does in your pics! I can’t wait to see more yummy handmade goodies you’ll wield with this baby!

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