Hubby’s socks

The start of some Hubby Socks

With winter fast approaching, I thought I’d knit up some socks for Nil since he did mention that I never seem to knit up anything useful for him. He doesn’t think scarves are very useful…o’well…he doesn’t need them, actually. XD

Anyway, I’ve decided to work on these with one of my own Merino-Bamboo handdyes named Mountain Blue. It’s a two-coloured yarn and so far, it’s showing up as self-striping but I’m anxious to see how the colour blends on as I progress further up the foot length as well as cabling.

I’m actually loving the colourway – the bamboo gives it a soft heathery look and it’s still very masculine – and I plan on replicating this colourway for regular superwash sock yarns.

So yup, time to spin, spin and knit, knit!!!

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