Switching rovings…

I’ve decided to save the merino-soy-bamboo roving for another day and work on my own superwash merino rovings instead…

So it’s being transformed from this…

Superwash Merino in Cassis Swirl Jam

…to this!

Cassis Swirl Jam in Superwash Merino

Not to toot my own horn but the superwash merino is ultra yummy!!!! It’s quite smooth and easy to tease apart compared to the other blends that I’ve been spinning up. The feel is very sleek, not quite slippery compared to the alpaca-silk mix and less fuzz like the merino-soy-bamboo. I think I might ply this – I figured this colourway would look really good on a pair of socks! – so I put in quite a bit of twist into the spin itself.

So far I like how the colours spin up – I’m actually amazed at how the colours spin up – from dark to bright and then light/white. Plus, due to how I have dyed my rovings, I get a mix of candy cane (barber pole, anyone?) and solids all in one which would stay as it is if I were to do a navajo ply but we’ll see how it goes…


Just to side track a little, Las Vegas strip map, anyone?

*runs off to continue spinning up this dream*

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