Spinning up Sugar Pie again

After a rough night yesterday, I thought some spinning would be therapeutic. I could knit but the yarns I plan to use are drying after a bout of overdyeing earlier last evening. In case you forgot (I don’t blame you, it has been a while), this is some alpaca/merino/silk roving I purchased way before I started my shop.

After my previous experience with plying Harvest BFL, I realized that I didn’t put enough twist in this single, at least not enough to warrant a plying process will be break it into pieces. So this will end up staying the way it is – a laceweight single. I’m hoping to get pretty decent yardage on this, enough to make a shawl and a scarflette. It ought to be perfect for the shop or as a Christmas gift.

Oh, yes, the previous pic I took of this didn’t do it justice. This is definitely a better representation of the colours!

Side-tracking a little, I ought to get proper computer desks or work tables. It would appear that my craftroom is overflowing into the computer room and such. O’well…we’ll make do with what we have for now. 🙂

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