Misty or gloomy?

As December draws nearer (can you believe that it’s already the end of October?) and autumn really starts to get into gear, people have been asking me the eternal question.

Is it snowing? Is it cold?

No, ladies and gents. As much as snow is beautiful and appreciated by those in the tropics, autumn is still too warm for this gentle flakes. Yes, the weather is colder compared to the summer sun & heat which hovered around 30 C at most. These days, we wake up to gloomy, grey skies with temperatures “soaring” to a high of 12 C. The sun is rarely visible; sometimes we do get a glimpse of it but otherwise, grey skies and fog are a common occurrence even at a higher sea level (where Neuchâtel is).

Misty... ...or Gloomy

Or really, it is a matter of two things – do you prefer misty (1st pic) or gloomy (2nd pic)? Yes, that’s the view from outside my window, three weeks apart (or so I believe). It’s really not as bad as it looks; that’s if you’re a romantic and fancy walks or photos in ghostly mist or gloomy skies. The colours of the falling autumn leaves make up for the grey everywhere though. Think hues of browns, reds and yellows coupled with dark green. Yes, not every tree sheds it leaves come autumn.

Oh, and don’t forget the autumn drizzles as well. If you’re caught without an umbrella, it is hardly deadly unlike the Malaysian thunderstorm, merely annoying but still lethal enough when coupled with strong cool winds and mist. It is at times like this that people wish they were living on a higher altitude; the sun is more visible. But then there is a drawback. It gets colder the higher you go. O’well…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to chase away those autumn fogs with some very bright knits, anacne treatment product assignment and a couple of online videos in the form of The Journey to the West.

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