Birthday gifts – Part I

Yup, my birthday was just a week ago and since then I’ve been waiting for a flurry of gifts to arrive. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say for sure that it is a personal gift, more like me buying up supplies in the name of a birthday gift to myself but what the heck!

It was an unexpected purchase really, but since I was branching out into items for the store, I thought why not. You may think it’s strange purchasing items that I could easily dye up for myself but don’t be surprised. Sometimes dyers themselves buy from others…especially when it comes to blends which are hard to come by in this part of the world/Europe. So for your viewing pleasure, may I present some fibrey goodness…which soon will be turned into handspun yarn for the shop.

Ebikin from Ewe Give Me The Knits Poison Arrow from Ewe Give Me The Knits Merri Merric from Ewe Give Me The Knits The Work Horse - My new baby

And oh, another gift that came by my way involves some Swiss/French keys, Vista and a very yummy function. Nil got me this simply because I was hogging his PC for far too long. The timing is right, really. With the shop and all, I am now able to update as and when I like without interfering in his online activities. And of course, I have no excuse when it comes to churning out my wedding dinner album, which is still in the works. Time to kick my own butt, really.

And oh, there is the matter of some gift baskets or such lying around…I ought to take a snapshot of that. When the next gift(s) arrives, you can bet that I’ll blog about it! 8)

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