Diamond Skinny Scarf

Diamond Skinny Scarf

Diamond Skinny Scarf
Pattern | Based on a stitch dictionary
Yarn | Rowan Tapestry in 173
Needles | 5mm

The item is actually for the shop (listed here) but it has been a while since I last showcased my finished FO…including the shawl design I churned up (which is being featured on my shop blog).

The yarn was lovely to work with and a wool-soy blend has never ceased to amaze me. The colourway was an unexpected purchase from Maryann’s stash and I thought it would go well with the current season (autumn). The smooth yet light texture of the yarn gave the finished product a very ethereal and airy feel, making it suitable for any type of weather condition. Now, top that with some gorgeous soft stripes of brown-chocolate, taupe and purple! Absolutely delish, if you ask me!

The pattern is easy to knit up and quick too…I took about under a week, if you count the other distractions and all to finish this. Anyway, there are more pictures on the shop listing here – do have a go look-see! I hope to churn out more handknitted scarves – am working on a thick-thin lacy one at the moment. Looking at the colours just excites me!!! 🙂

On the side, I wonder what people think about diets and weight loss pills…reading a BTB’s (Bride-To-Be’s) struggle with her weight yoyo-ing just before the big day brings back fond memories.

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  1. I love your Diamond Skinny scarf but I am having trouble with the stitch count on row 3. I looked for the comments about a missing stitch (?) but had no luck finding them……I would appreciate your help. Becca

    Mabel Reply:

    Hi, am not sure how I can help you – what’s your base pattern?

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