A few days later…

…I know I ought to show pics of my birthday gifts but a few of them have yet to arrive and well, I’d rather wait until they are all together before I show the whole world what I got for turning 29. Yes, I don’t mind telling people my age – after all, it’s just a number.

Anyway, lets just say that it’s a new electronic toy that was on sale, a couple grams of fibre blends (yay for optima and soy!) plus a brand new toy to add to the fibre addiction.

So how was it?

The few days leading up to the whole birthday was pleasant, to say the least, even though the weather was quite crappy – autumn is all about fog, and no sunshine whatsoever. While it may be romantic for some, it can get a bit tad cold and well, when it’s cold, warm sunshine is good. Lack of it is bad!

Now a few days later, the weather has cheered up a little – we managed to squeeze in a hike on a very sunny day and well, I’ve been busy bouncing shop ideas with Nil plus sourcing for new suppliers and so forth. And oh, naturally, I have also been busy keeping an eye out for that elusive postman with my fibre-related toy.

Seriously, where is he?

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