More from Emile & Scratch!

Emile waiting for yums!

It has been a while since I last shared pictures about these two boys. We have had them for nearly two months now and am glad to say that they are finally getting used to the idea of being picked up and all. Scratch no longer nips when confronted with a hand and Emile is bolder, choosing to climb all over my hand at every chance he gets.

Scratch enjoying a piece of dried corn kernel

We were very fortunate to pick up a glass tank that someone had unceremoniously dumped at the rubbish bin. There was not a single scratch on it and it was just the right size for a play tank. We could always move them permanently there but I think it’s better to have a separate play tank where they can dig and climb around like crazy. Anyway, here are a couple of my favourite shots. For more, do check out the entire set on my Flickr page here.

In their new play tank!

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