The perfect X’mas pressie this year…

…would be some lovely handknitted lace scarflettes!!!! Yes, this is a shameless plug but hey, it’s a good shameless plug!

A Leaf In A Leaf A Leaf In A Leaf

More about this first lace design of mine here and oh, if you want to get your hands on it, it’s for sale up here!!! 8)

If you must know, I’m currently knitting up the 2nd design in some handdyed blue-silver laceweight merino-cashmere-silk yarn! YUM-MEH!

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  1. Petrina: Ohno, the yarn itself was part of my stash before I left KL so am afraid I can’t take credit for that. Btw, I just put up the pattern for sale on my shop blog…ought to put a note of it somewhere. How’s your knitting coming along?

  2. If you don’t mind, what yarn is it? I really like the colour!

    My knitting’s going ok, I’ve got so many WIPs! MY SIL’s just had a baby, and with all the planned trips, we’re quite busy, so progress is a bit slow…

    Will go and check out your store now 😉

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