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Merino-Cashsilk in Dirty Silver

After handpainting, there is kettle dyeing and as you can see, the test skein above yielded some pretty remarkable results. Sometimes it’s unbelievable what some dye, hot water and vinegar can do to yarn (and roving). Plus the beauty about kettle dyeing mixed with handpainting is that it cuts my working time by at least half!!! So that means a higher production level! 🙂

Anyway, this little baby is a small 18 gms (or so) skein of merino-cashmere-silk laceweight that I’m brought in specially for the store. I can’t really sell it so am using it to knit a smallish-lace triangle scarf-lette design that I’m currently working on. It’s based on a combination of two stitch patterns that I found in Evelyn Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles. If it goes well and passes the whole copyright thing (I did my own charts, instructions and all as well, so I hope it’s not a problem since stitches aren’t copyrighted), I hope to either knit shawls based on this or publish this. *keeps fingers crossed*

In the meantime, there’s always some good autumn weather – we’re thinking of doing a 20.5 km ride around the lake area – to look forward to plus heaps of other stuff to get busy with, not including assignments like term life insurance quotes

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