You know when you’re away from home…

…when you watch a Korean drama like Goong (Princess Hours) and remember how you and your mum laughed at all the silly moments. Thankgawd for the Internet.

…when the autumn breeze (and weather) suddenly makes you miss sunny days that occured 365 days no questions asked.

…when you balk at the prices of courses and certificates here, automatically thinking that it would be cheaper back at home. Of course, after adding in the cost of flying back, it works out to about the same.

…when you miss working and feel that your brain is shutting down from the lack of intelligent interaction.

…when you come up with silly colour combinations for the shop and resort to measures such as spinning up the same fibres that you’ve just dyed or knitting with your own handdyed yarns.

…when you have to crack your head, trying to figure out how to include something like Leptovox into your blog. I did it anyway. Hah!

Yes, I’m far away from home…

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  1. “…when you miss working and feel that your brain is shutting down from the lack of intelligent interaction.”

    “Yes, I’m far away from home…”

    I know how you feel. I’m from the US and have been living in Peru for the past 2 years. My Spanish has gone from sucking completely to being not that bad. I have my days when I really starve for adult conversation in English. My husband is just beginning to learn English, so all our meaningful conversations take place in Spanish, so sometimes I have to bring the dictionary to the conversation. Luckily, I have found a job as an English teacher in a language institute, and I now can talk to people without having to run for the dictionary. Happily, most of them have spent some time in the US and have some experience to draw on when they talk with me.

    To fill my time, I knit, crochet, and do handspinning with drop spindles. I’ve become pretty proficient with the spindles, and am in the process of spinning some laceweight singles right now.

    Your blog is beautiful! I wish mine were as nice. I’m no artist with a camera, that’s for sure.

  2. Kathleen: Hey, I’m not artist either compared to all those yarnographers out there – still practising and picking up tips & advice here & there. I just saw some of your lovely handspun yarn and they are amazing! You just inspired me to pick up my spinning again – I just have two spindles but am waiting for a birthday gift to arrive any time this week! 😉

    Btw, how is the book “Creative Spinning”? I wanted to get a copy but I got “Teach Yourself Visually – Handspinning” as recommended by the lovely lady who runs Ewe Give Me The Knits!

    How do you find Peru? Hubby and I’ve always wanted to go there but alas, the wallet isn’t so fat these days… 🙁

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