Brocante @ Le Landeron

Brocante @ Le Landeron 26-28 September 2008

I thought I’d take some time out from my crochet, assignments such as ““, French classes and my every day battle with the current autumn weather to talk a little about my first brocante event a few days ago.

Brocante, French for flea market/secondhand is a very popular concept in Switzerland. There are plenty of these markets or secondhand stores/houses dotted around the country; common names include the Salvation Army, Emmaus but otherwise, you can get away with just asking for the local brocante or brockenhaus (German). We even call it brocki for short!

Brocante @ Le Landeron 26-28 September 2008

My Filipino French classmate is a lover of brocantes and thus has been faithfully going around flea markets – so far, I’ve heard of her exploits at the markets in Zurich, Bern, Basel and especially Interlaken; naturally not forgetting the Le Landeron one as well. The Fete de la Brocante Le Landeron is reportedly the largest brocante event in Switzerland and attracts scores of visitors & shops every year from around the country and Europe. Holland is one of them as we would later find out during one of our perusals. There are, on average, about 300 antique dealers at this event and it runs for two days, not including the half day before when they are busy setting up their stalls. All this takes place in a little village called Le Landeron about 15 minutes or so by train from Neuchatel.

J (my classmate) and I went on this half day while the dealers will unpacking, thinking that there wouldn’t be many people – we were in for a shock. There were people walking away with purchases already! Now, not everything is about antiques; you can find heaps of other things like furnitures, knick-knacks, paintings and what-not. Just about anything is up for grabs. The only thing that isn’t up for bargain is the food! Even Salvation Army had a stall selling wreaths and decorations made with cinnamon sticks. The sky is the limit, you could say.

Brocante @ Le Landeron 26-28 September 2008

Overall verdict? Apart from the great weather – blue skies, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze, perfect for some outdoor summer in autumn – there is always a treasure somewhere for someone. Plus the availability of food and booze makes it ideal for families and those who tired easily from all the walking and eye-sore (too much information/colours for the brain to absorb).

In my case, I was there to look for spinning wheels but didn’t find any to suit my budget and taste. I could have bought other things but space didn’t permit any purchases…although I did see a cutie that I’d love to bring home for a fair price (see pic below). Don’t you just love cocker spaniels??? 🙂

Brocante @ Le Landeron 26-28 September 2008

** Pictures featured here were taken by J. I forgot my camera as usual. =.=

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  1. Elaine: No actually – it’s very rare to see dogs roaming on their own here due to regulations. This fella belongs to the stall owner of lot 403 and I sort of called him over because he looked kinda bored – she was busy setting up stuff and he was just standing around in the stall. 🙂

  2. Salut, Mabel! J’espere que tu vas bien. 🙂

    You know what? We could have brought home that really friendly dog (LOL).

    Now I miss my own dog….

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