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Flower Ruffle Scarf - Take I

…I have changed my mind and decided to feature some handknitted or hand-crochet scarves over at the shop. It was the first yarn-related craft that I was introduced to anyway – yes, I learnt this from my mum.

Anyway, I’m starting off with a flower ruffle scarf – a pattern that is modified from the generic ruffle scarf pattern; I changed virtually every single row so much so that it quite doesn’t look like the ruffle scarf anymore. I plan on crocheting a generic ruffle scarf as well (and yes, I have Lion Brand’s permission to sell items made with it). This little baby will be done up in a few colours – solid as well as variegated or semi-solid. The pink one, featured in the photo, is now finished and available for sale over at the Etsy store, so have a go look-see!!!

I better get back to my crochet and blogging assignments. What does one write about Lipozene reviews anyway?

**Cross-posted on the shop’s blog**

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