Hurrying things along…

Here I am, a few hours shy from midnight and taking a break from my dyeing. The rovings are nearly done – I’m tempted to add some alpaca in but we’ll see how it goes – and the laceweight cone has now been split into 50 gm skeins. There is still the matter of skeining them into the right “shape” for the dyeing process but at least a good portion of my work is done.

There is also the matter of going for badminton in a few minutes but a friend of ours had to cancel so it gives me more time to finish up my store updates for next week!

What definitely makes things a little harder is getting an assignment for drug treatment and drug rehab. Yes, it’s one of those days where I just get the strangest of assignments – one that I’ve introduced before on this blog. Y’know, those fancy club-type rehab centres with a great view of the sea/lake and lots of spa-like facilities. Still, it brings in some cash so I shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, on other aspects, autumn is approaching, which means less light and well, twenty-four hours won’t seem like twenty-four hours anymore. O’well…it’s back to dyeing for me. Pics ought to be up…soon!

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